ETERNAL ORIGINS: A near schizo-look at a near-schizo world

6 AUG 21

This website serves as a personal project for myself to make stream of consciousness observations regarding...well everything. I'll update the site whenever I feel like it. There won't be any rhythm or reason for posts beyond the fact that I feel like creating them. With that disclaimer out of the way let's get into this madhouse.


My primary issue with Neoliberal Capitalism is its utter lack of long term strategic planning and vapid utopian vision of the future. It is an economic system completely dependent on an expoential increase in inputs and technological complexity along with evolutionary complexity in the form of social connections. Despite those lofty requirements a casual glance at climate change or the ongoing coronavirus pandemic displays we (in the global civilizational sense) won't survive. We won't survive into the long term fulfilling marketing dreams of "progress" and we won't even survive in the short term.

A combination of resource shortages, climate change, ecological collapse and mass psychosis will ensure the near term mass death of humanity. Climate change alone is on track for 3.2 degrees celsius of warming even if humanity were able to transition to a "green-energy" paradigm; which it won't.


I've never felt completely comfortable existing. I'm not sure how common that sentiment is but I maintian that it is at least my phenomenological experience. Given my previous suicide attempts I've also come close to escaping it. Part of me feels as if there isn't actually any escape, hence my continued existence in this timeline so to speak. In any case I don't and can't by definition look into other universes or at least my ego and self are too tightly bound to make any such attempt practical. The data can't be extracted from the other side so to speak.